Growth Groups

We view our Growth Groups as a main part of the mission and ministry here at Cornerstone Baptist. In every Growth Group we strive to fulfill the mission of the church. We seek that each person would Know Christ, Grow in His Word and Go with the power of the gospel in to the world. 

In each Growth Group we encourage people to grow in the study of the Bible. The groups meet in homes and people enjoy getting to know each other. Each group is challenged to Grow in the Word of God. They study Scripture and challenge one another to apply it to their daily lives. They are also given many opportunities to reach out and bless the world around them. Growth groups are encouraged to be a blessing to all those around them in hopes that they will also be able to Go into their world with the power of the gospel. 

Follow this link to see where and when all the groups meet. 

You are welcome to join a Growth Group at any time. 


We believe that as a church we have a mission to Go to the world with the power of the gospel. It is our conviction that this happens on three different levels. 

1. The individual: We encourage each person to reach out to others in order to bless them, serve them and share the gospel. This is the call on every believer. 

2. The Growth Group: We encourage each growth group to find ways to serve and bless people. As a church we have Go projects that any group can help with, but they are not limited to what the church plans. Every Group is empowered to Go into the world as they see fit.

3. The Church: As a church we are to be preparing, praying and planning ways in which to Go into the world with the Gospel. We plan things as a church, we partner with local ministries and we also go into foreign countries all with the heart of sharing the gospel. 

To find out more about our ministry partners please see our missions page.